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Upgrade your industrial and sports lighting with LED technology optimising energy consumption and light efficiency of your facilities.

Sports Lighting Solutions

We are specialised in LED lighting solutions for the industrial sector, from the distribution and installation to professional lighting maintenance for industries and large retail stores.


Sports Lighting Solutions

We are sports lighting experts, with a range of products and services. We take care of your projects from the distribution to the installation of LED lighting for football stadiums, tennis courts, paddle courts, indoor football pitches, basketball courts, among others.


Commercial Lighting

We provide professional Led lighting solutions for exhibitions (custom stand design), stores and shops. We also develop different professional led lighting projects. Our experts will also support the design process, including energy efficiency calculations.


Our Services

Lighting Consultancy

A proper lighting diagnosis allows a more precise professional lighting upgrade. Our Lighting technicians will evaluate the lighting, wattages, energy consumption, electric adjustments and placement for the luminaires. Also, will identify shadow-generating elements for the study (Dialux) during the professional lighting consultancy.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Nowadays, many industrial, sports and commercial facilities still have obsolete lighting, increasing energy consumption up to 4 times. Switching to LED technology will bring considerable savings on your energy running costs and would mean a big step towards energy efficiency. This energy consumption study will let you know how much energy you will be consuming, potential savings and the payback time of your new industrial, sports or commercial lighting.

Project Financing

EASY-LED: Our deferred payment plan will pay by itself through energy efficiencies. Our RENTING LED deferred payment plans from 12 to 60 months, will allow you to enjoy high-efficiency LED equipment and countless benefits from day one, with instalments that pay-off with the savings obtained. Whether you decide to pay by cash or to take advantage of our financial formulas, it will always be a win-win situation for your finances.

New Lighting Installation

Installing LEDs will translate into immediate benefits and choosing LED lighting means moving forward. We offer professional technical advice from experienced engineers for your lighting projects. Our service starts from dismantling old luminaires to assembling and installing the new LED luminaires at heights.


All possible wasted derived from the substitution of materials will be collected and processed by Ecolum. They are a certified company responsible for classifying and separating these materials from pollutants (Luminaires, lamps) to non-polluting (cases), which are then processed to either give them a second utility, as for environmentally responsible disposal. For this purpose, we have partnered with ECOLUM.


Why trust us?

  • Ten years of experience in the field of sports lighting, commercial and industrial.
  • Turn-Key project management. We take care of every step of the entire process.
  • Certified technicians, with training in occupational risk prevention.
  • Mechanical lifting means for work at height. We have the right tools!
  • We work in compliance with the European UNE regulations in lighting installations in different areas.
  • Total guarantee and maintenance of the carried out the installation.

Let us advise you towards a more efficient electricity consumption.